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Writing Sparks

On the Two Writing Teachers blog, we were challenged to identify ‘one little word’ for 2014. I’ve been pondering this for weeks, not being able to come up with anything original, cute, or meaningful . The only word I could come up with was ‘write’ as I knew I’d be taking more writing courses, and I had purchased a book to use as my first writer’s notebook.

Then as I read about others finding their word, they described how instead of finding a word, their word found them. For my first writing task of my new course, I was writing (again!) about the sunrises that I observe, and comparing the sparkling sun to the sparks of writing that I have been experiencing, how each day is an opportunity for something new, and each writing experience is a new experience. We never know how either one will turn out, until we are at the other end, and turn and look back.  Then as I was reading one of my assignments, the instructor used the word ‘spark’. Huh. 

So let the sparks fly, in the morning, and in the writer’s notebook. We’ll watch and see where the light shines.

Happy writing!


A Slice of Sun

On the Two Writing Teachers blog I just found this morning, there was a challenge to write weekly about on “A Slice of Life”. I can do that, I thought. And so, I hope I can renew my habit of posting just by writing about daily events instead of worrying and postponing thinking I don’t have anything important to say. Or thinking I want to post photos as well, but they’re on the camera, and it always seems a hassle to transfer and use them. Just do it!

Today’s slice of life came with the sunrise this morning. I was facing east, looking out my windows as usual during morning exercise. I was trying out a new Yoga routine, but knew I had only minutes, if seconds, to capture that beautiful glow appearing over the hills on the other side of the lake. On went my slippers and sweatshirt, fumbling for the camera.

Yes, it’s battery showed 2/3 charged. Enough for a set of sunrise shots for sure. Out I went.

The cold wind hit my face, along with the slight flurry of feathery flakes. I was warm from the exercise, so no problem, I thought, and I was determined to get my shots.

I took a few from different angles, as the glow paled. Just a few more minutes and I can capture the first rays peeking over the hill. Click, zing, whizzzz as the lens folded into the camera as it does when the battery dies. Great. Back into the house to grab my husband’s camera. Back out into the air, which now seemed considerably colder.

How do you turn this thing ON?? Got it. It doesn’t look like it’s on, I can’t see anything on the display. OK, got that figured out. The temperature is surely dropping, but just a minute more and the sun will reward my impatience.

It’s coming, it’s coming…how do I zoom this camera? Can’t find it, but I’ll keep snapping away. Shivering now. I’ll never make it as a photographer. Holding the camera in the other hand. How come they don’t make left-handed cameras??

A few more shots. What’s this? Clouds hovering over the horizon, like smoke or vapor burning off as the sun’s rays approach. Dark clouds above, white yellow brightness penetrating and widening the crack. A few more shots as the sun slices through. The voice of experience told me I only had a few more seconds before the sun would disappear for the day into the darkening clouds above. Done.

I had done it. I had captured the slice of sun on this cold morning. Back into the house to warm up and resume my yoga. Facing east again was somehow less inviting as I finished up.

When the day comes to leave, to more away, from this place, I know one thing. It must be a place where I can see the sunrise.

I’ll post some of the shots as soon as I can get hubby to transfer them! No more postponing due to inability to post pics!

Double Blogging

Now I have TWO blogs and a third purpose: my “Digital Writing in the Classroom” course. I’d like to either combine them, or have distinct purposes for each. I like certain features about both WordPress and Google Blogger.

My google blog, “Once in a Blue Moon” was my second attempt, and it has some features I like, such as “The Sun and the Moon” tab, and the title.

I love the name of this blog : Lakeside Reflections. My goals will be to post often, briefly, and reflectively. Just as the moon and the sun are seen over the lake often, briefly, and reflectively. Ha ha !