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Writing Sparks

On the Two Writing Teachers blog, we were challenged to identify ‘one little word’ for 2014. I’ve been pondering this for weeks, not being able to come up with anything original, cute, or meaningful . The only word I could come up with was ‘write’ as I knew I’d be taking more writing courses, and I had purchased a book to use as my first writer’s notebook.

Then as I read about others finding their word, they described how instead of finding a word, their word found them. For my first writing task of my new course, I was writing (again!) about the sunrises that I observe, and comparing the sparkling sun to the sparks of writing that I have been experiencing, how each day is an opportunity for something new, and each writing experience is a new experience. We never know how either one will turn out, until we are at the other end, and turn and look back.  Then as I was reading one of my assignments, the instructor used the word ‘spark’. Huh. 

So let the sparks fly, in the morning, and in the writer’s notebook. We’ll watch and see where the light shines.

Happy writing!