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First Ski

2013-01-21 07.30.58

As I opened the curtains to allow in the morning sun, I realized the date was Jan 21 – a month past the ‘southern solstice’ (I looked that up to be sure I’m using the correct term:). I had taken a picture of the sunrise a month ago, maybe I can take one each month to show the movement of the sun across the horizon throughout the year. I have lots of sunrise photos, but this will be a specific purpose. OK – so I step out onto the deck, and the frozen fibers crack, get my shot, and slip back into the warm house. More photos every few minutes.

Then: As the snow took on the red-pink-orange reflection under the bluing sky, the call of the lake came. In winter, the call of the lake comes in the form of wanting to get out and ski as the sun rises. In summer, the call comes in the form of kayaking.

Then I checked the thermometer. Zero degress. Darn. But look – there is no breeze. Certainly later in the day there will be winds. Now it is calm. Now is the time to go. This is the day I’ve been waiting for since the ice starts freezing enough to support one’s weight.

First I must locate my cross-country ski boots. In which basement tub did I place them last spring? Got ’em. Hurry, The sun is getting higher, The orange-pink-reddish glow on the snow has turned to white. Missed that moment. Doesn’t matter. Get out there anyway.

Ahhhh. The crisp swish swish of each stroke, push and pull of the ski and pole. Every year I have to work a little harder to keep my balance. Soon the rhythm sets in. The sun is warm on my face. The air is cold on my face and in my breath. Breath through my nose! Balance. Push. Pull. Slide. Breathe.

Push. Pull. Slide. Breathe……



A Christmas of Plenty

“Wise men still seek Him” reads the image on my coffee cup. Strong words that I contemplate every Christmas. My other favorite Christmas cup reads, “Jesus is the reason for the season.” That one I usually take to school and drink from it during December, hoping some curious co-worker or student will notice, at least, and perhaps comment.

A very quiet Christmas morning, just Paul and I. And Mozart, of course, but he makes little noise. He did play with the wrapping paper for about two minutes, which was a long time for him! Our friend Linda came for Christmas Eve and enjoyed Paul’s lobster stew (we decided this should be our new tradition) and his cheesecake (already a tradition!).

How many times have you heard or said yourself: “I didn’t get you much this year…” but then by Dec. 25 there are presents spilling out from under the tree?? Notice the number of presents under our tree. This was before we started opening, probably the fewest presents under any tree I’ve ever had. I do remember one Christmas with very few presents, just Karen and I, on a shoestring budget, and, like this year, we were content just to have a quiet day. 2012-12-25 09.24.29

And today, I am content, watching the little waves lapping up over the meager, thin ice that tried to form on the edge of the lake last night. I already got my big presents:

1. Jesus (whom I continue to seek, and often fall short)

2. Going to Baltimore over Thanksgiving for Matthew’s baptism and Mary’s birthday.

3. Having another day with Paul, a warm home, and plenty (!) to eat. Knowing that our daughter and her family are safe, and enjoying a day of plenty. And, had a nice chat with my brother and his wife this morning. Maybe next year they’ll be here to enjoy our new and old traditions.