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Double Blogging

Now I have TWO blogs and a third purpose: my “Digital Writing in the Classroom” course. I’d like to either combine them, or have distinct purposes for each. I like certain features about both WordPress and Google Blogger.

My google blog, “Once in a Blue Moon” was my second attempt, and it has some features I like, such as “The Sun and the Moon” tab, and the title.

I love the name of this blog : Lakeside Reflections. My goals will be to post often, briefly, and reflectively. Just as the moon and the sun are seen over the lake often, briefly, and reflectively. Ha ha !


To Write or Not To Write

Since it only took me 1 1/2 hours to FIND my blog, I question how effective I will be as a blogger. I have forgotten the cool statements I had constructed in my head as I tossed and turned after 3:30AM, and finally got up at 4:30 to record these cool thoughts. I once had my blog bookmarked, but somehow (!) lost the bookmark, then this morning I got distracted with organizing my bookmarks. Anyone know how to use XMarks? Great concept, but I sure could use some help with the details of how to work it!

My new inspiration to continue to blog comes from two sources. One, I want to be a more effective writing teacher with my students in the computer lab and our new Writing Center at OTES, so I need to be a more experienced writer myself. Two, at our annual Tech Academy yesterday, the keynote speaker, Jim Wells, challenged us to become ‘advanced’ digital citizens, and one of the criteria is to blog. So I’m blogging.

Mostly, I wonder who will read this. There are thousands, more certainly millions, out there blogging away. I wonder who will read THEIR blogs. A majority of the ones I’ve opened simply ramble, bramble, tramble on and on and on about nothing that interests me. I do have ONE I read, Debbie Reese’s ‘American Indians in Children’s Literature.’ What makes hers different? First, it is relevant to me. I can use almost everything she posts. Second, it is well written. She doesn’t ramble, she makes a point, backs it up with evidence (go Common Core!) and then stops. Third, she recently revamped the site – looks good.

I used to read Marc Aronson when he did the ‘Non-Fiction in Focus’ column for School Library Journal. But that was not really a blog as it was simply an electronic version of his column in the print journal. So does that count as following a blog? Another example of how the traditional lines of defining types of reading and writing are daily becoming more and more blurry. In the past year or so, his column looks more like a blog as he posts, and, his discussions are not as focused on non-fiction books themselves. So much for NF in Focus.

Another challenge Wells gave us was to participate in online discussions. I will head to CommonSense Meda to see what’s going on there, and also to the Digital Storytelling Association site to see what they have happening.

A new moon…

As so many before me, I now turn to blogging. Like I have time for another new technology! At least those reading it someday in the future, will be able to read my scriblings, no matter how poor my own handwriting is on any particular day.

My first excuse for not blogging earlier is my doubt that I have anything important to say . That will remain to be seen. I certainly won’t have anything worthwhile if I don’t share it. My second excuse is “I dont know what my blog topic should be.” I’m not totally into any particular interest or activity. My thoughts are so frequently scattered, perhaps by committing them to paper (ooops!), something significant will evolve.

My most important reason that prompted me to finally begin is to provide to set an example. If I want my students to love books, I must love books. If I want my students to keep a reading log, I must keep a reading log. If I intend for my students to blog at some point, then I certainly must blog myself. Teach by example.

Walk the walk.

Be a guide on the side, not a sage on the stage.

The Thanksgiving holiday is coming to a close, and I feel I have made progress in completing and furthering a number of school projects. It relieves stress as the week begins. I read “Skeleton Creek” – so popular with a number of students, and I did not realize how suspenseful it is. It was brought to my attention as a “transmedia” creation. A whole new craft of combining print and online – brilliant, although inevitable, I suppose (why didn’t I think of that??)

I have also taken personal time to plunk a bit on my lovely piano, successfully complete a number of difficult Sudoku puzzles, managed ONE walk, and viewed a few good but somewhat mindless tv shows with Mr. Mayer. He even attended the church M.U.S.I.C. Christmas concert with me. Talked to my daughter, Karen, and granddaughter, Mary. What prompted Mary to say she wanted to give her computer drawing to ‘Grammy Lowell’? How did she come up with that??

On the morning devotion today, the pastor described how rarely most people have the privilege of viewing a full moon even once in a great while, and very few view a full moon from the same perspective throughout their entire lives. This caught my attention because I have spent every summer of my life on the west shore of Coldstream Pond, and have lived here year round since 1991, where viewing sun rises and moon rises are a regular occurrence. I always want to take pictures of these, as each one is unique – the weather is always a bit different, and the time of year is always a bit different. Just as my view of any event or emotion is different due to the many factors that influence my physical, mental, and especially spiritual state on any given day. Thus, I am starting a new full moon. Wouldn’t it be totally freaky if tonight I viewed a full moon?