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This, too, Shall Pass

Whenever I get bored with a routine and wonder if or when it will end or change, the next thing I know  it HAS changed and all of a sudden I’m looking back and wondering what happened.

I have two friends with whom I have done a number of different Bible study courses during the past 25 years.  Every time we’re doing a course I wonder if we’ll stop. It always seems to be going well, we’re really deepening our understanding of the Bible, Jesus, and ourselves. Next thing I know, we’re not doing it anymore.

Every night at bedtime my husband used to play cowboy songs every very loudly. I wondered if I’d ever get to sleep and I learned to sleep in spite of them. He no longer plays them but I cannot tell you when he stopped playing them. Now I actually miss them.

Linda and I enjoyed days of hiking and paddling, gardening and gabbing. I wondered how that could possibly ever change. This time I know what happened to break this routine. She died. Bummer (for me, for her, not so much, since she’s gone to heaven!).

Paul and I went to Lunt’s for a lobster roll for supper tonight. A gal about my age brought her elderly parents in and sat next to us. The gentleman reminded me so much of my father that I could hardly look at him. I wanted to tell the gal to enjoy this time with them no matter how cranky, slow or ill they were, because these times won’t last. I was so impatient with my parents at that stage, and I wanted to get past it. Now I am, and it’s painful to look back.

What’s the lesson? Give God thanks in ALL things. Live in the moment and cherish it, because this, too, shall pass.


A Deeper Friendship Developing

The days of paddling and walks turned to months and a trust level developed that I seldom have experienced. Our conversations including light talk and deep talk on every imaginable topic. We shared our pasts and our dreams of the future. She was much more driven and focused to take steps to turn dreams into reality, whereas I more or less meander through each day.

She became very involved in the First United Methodist Church of Lincoln, and she joined our Bible study group with Trudy, Betty, Linda D. and Pastor Bruce Young. As with every endeavor, she brought a new level of discussion that entertained us but also made us think about God in new ways. The congregation always looked forward to her Texas twang and lightness when she lectured.

Mostly I admired her ability to live in the moment. She could lose herself in an activity, yard chore, book, or anything else that caught her attention. Many days she’d look at the clock and realize she’d missed lunch, or supper, or both!   But put a plate of food in front of her and she’d devour it. My father would just shake his head and wonder where she was putting all that food as she reached for seconds and sometimes thirds.

Our friendship went to new levels through our adventures as we spent time together in a variety of activities. We could even disagree! I’ve had few ‘best friends’ and I’m grateful for this one.