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Bestest and Mostest

My 2012 memories, in no particular order:

Most Grateful for: Linda’s recovery

Best Blessing: Attending grandson Matthew’s birth on September 28

Biggest Sorrow: Deaths of Aunt Muriel (March) and Uncle Anthony (November) both age 83; Death of my buddy Byron (January)

Best Brother: Tom (oh, yeah, he’s my only brother) And I could go on and on: Best Daughter: Karen, Best Son-in-Law: Peter, Best Sister-in-Law: Sandy, Best Granddaughter: Mary, Best Grandson: Matthew…

Best Book Read: The Book Thief

Best Purchase: My first-ever brand-new vehicle, 2012 Ford Edge (sorry, Grampy, it’s not a Chevy)

Funniest Memory: Never-been-to-Enfield-before visitor’s car in our septic tank hole (see separate post)

Best Plane Flight EVER: PWM to BWI nonstop, and hassle-free

New Doctor: Dr. Kathleen Martin (even if we do have to drive to Lewiston)

Best New TV Show: Doc Martin (no relation)

Best Traditional Food: Paul’s cheesecake, actually tied with Ricetta’s pizza, which is why we really don’t mind driving to Lewiston occassionally!)

Best Movie: Lincoln (Paul and I actually went to the theater!)

Best New Christmas Party: EMCC with Paul

Biggest Risk: Going public with my blogs

Best New Mental Challenge: going for my C.A.S. (thanks for the push, Brenda!)

Who’s Brenda? My New Best Friend

My Old Best Friends: Trudy, Linda, Betty, Linda, and Glenda

Best Traditional Christmas Party: With ‘The Girls’photo

What are YOUR bestest and mostest of 2012?