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Our First Walk of Spring




…is what we heard.

Blue blue sky…

Muddy gravel…

Brightness on snow…

…is what we saw.

One light jacket…

Sun warm on face…

Breeze gentle…

…is what we felt.


A Slice of Sun

On the Two Writing Teachers blog I just found this morning, there was a challenge to write weekly about on “A Slice of Life”. I can do that, I thought. And so, I hope I can renew my habit of posting just by writing about daily events instead of worrying and postponing thinking I don’t have anything important to say. Or thinking I want to post photos as well, but they’re on the camera, and it always seems a hassle to transfer and use them. Just do it!

Today’s slice of life came with the sunrise this morning. I was facing east, looking out my windows as usual during morning exercise. I was trying out a new Yoga routine, but knew I had only minutes, if seconds, to capture that beautiful glow appearing over the hills on the other side of the lake. On went my slippers and sweatshirt, fumbling for the camera.

Yes, it’s battery showed 2/3 charged. Enough for a set of sunrise shots for sure. Out I went.

The cold wind hit my face, along with the slight flurry of feathery flakes. I was warm from the exercise, so no problem, I thought, and I was determined to get my shots.

I took a few from different angles, as the glow paled. Just a few more minutes and I can capture the first rays peeking over the hill. Click, zing, whizzzz as the lens folded into the camera as it does when the battery dies. Great. Back into the house to grab my husband’s camera. Back out into the air, which now seemed considerably colder.

How do you turn this thing ON?? Got it. It doesn’t look like it’s on, I can’t see anything on the display. OK, got that figured out. The temperature is surely dropping, but just a minute more and the sun will reward my impatience.

It’s coming, it’s coming…how do I zoom this camera? Can’t find it, but I’ll keep snapping away. Shivering now. I’ll never make it as a photographer. Holding the camera in the other hand. How come they don’t make left-handed cameras??

A few more shots. What’s this? Clouds hovering over the horizon, like smoke or vapor burning off as the sun’s rays approach. Dark clouds above, white yellow brightness penetrating and widening the crack. A few more shots as the sun slices through. The voice of experience told me I only had a few more seconds before the sun would disappear for the day into the darkening clouds above. Done.

I had done it. I had captured the slice of sun on this cold morning. Back into the house to warm up and resume my yoga. Facing east again was somehow less inviting as I finished up.

When the day comes to leave, to more away, from this place, I know one thing. It must be a place where I can see the sunrise.

I’ll post some of the shots as soon as I can get hubby to transfer them! No more postponing due to inability to post pics!

A Winter Rainbow

Even though I look out at the same scenery every day, it never really looks the same. As the seasons and the weather change, an observant eye will notice new things. This morning after I took a few photos of the sunrise I lingered outside as the air was warm enough and I could detect the faint smell of spring.

After I came inside I opened the curtains to get the sun’s rays inside the house. I started my Tai Chi routine while looking out. I noticed something unusual. I often catch glimpses of odd or distorted reflections because of the angle of the panes of glass, so I paid little attention to this new sight on the frozen lake. “Must be just the angle of the reflection,” I thought, but it remained, even when I moved from one position to another, trying to get a closer look.

I went outside to see if the same affect could be observed, and there it was, a rainbow on top of the snow on the lake! I grabbed my camera again, hoping it would stay long enough to capture it. It did! I took several photos, even stepped out closer to the lake. Then, I looked to my left and saw another at another angle!

2013-03-24 06.27.48

It reminded me of the halo-like ring around the moon one sometimes sees. It also reminded me of the sun sparkles one sees in the summer, but those move as the observer moves. These did not, each rainbow color sparkled on the snow! I ran upstairs to see if they could be observed from our second-story bedroom, and yes! there they still were! I woke Paul, mostly just to have another witness of this unusual phenomenon.

These frozen lake reflections stayed for about half an hour. It was amazing, and another first looking out over the lake.

First Ski

2013-01-21 07.30.58

As I opened the curtains to allow in the morning sun, I realized the date was Jan 21 – a month past the ‘southern solstice’ (I looked that up to be sure I’m using the correct term:). I had taken a picture of the sunrise a month ago, maybe I can take one each month to show the movement of the sun across the horizon throughout the year. I have lots of sunrise photos, but this will be a specific purpose. OK – so I step out onto the deck, and the frozen fibers crack, get my shot, and slip back into the warm house. More photos every few minutes.

Then: As the snow took on the red-pink-orange reflection under the bluing sky, the call of the lake came. In winter, the call of the lake comes in the form of wanting to get out and ski as the sun rises. In summer, the call comes in the form of kayaking.

Then I checked the thermometer. Zero degress. Darn. But look – there is no breeze. Certainly later in the day there will be winds. Now it is calm. Now is the time to go. This is the day I’ve been waiting for since the ice starts freezing enough to support one’s weight.

First I must locate my cross-country ski boots. In which basement tub did I place them last spring? Got ’em. Hurry, The sun is getting higher, The orange-pink-reddish glow on the snow has turned to white. Missed that moment. Doesn’t matter. Get out there anyway.

Ahhhh. The crisp swish swish of each stroke, push and pull of the ski and pole. Every year I have to work a little harder to keep my balance. Soon the rhythm sets in. The sun is warm on my face. The air is cold on my face and in my breath. Breath through my nose! Balance. Push. Pull. Slide. Breathe.

Push. Pull. Slide. Breathe……