Bestest and Mostest of 2013

Wow. Where did 2013 go? For me, it went to these memories:

Most Missed Friend: Linda Ilse (February 1: slipped from our sight into the many loving arms of those already gone to heaven)

Best Funeral: Linda Ilse (Have YOU made YOUR bucket list yet? Better yet, what have you crossed OFF your bucket list??)

Best Deposition of Remains: Shaunti, Allie, and Linda into Penobscot Bay off Schoodic.

Most Precious Jewelry: TIE:  

*I have the honor to wear a beautiful cross necklace that belonged to Linda and her mother before her.

*Silver silhouette charms of my grandchildren given to me on my birthday.

Best Road Trip: From Erie PA to Michigan and Indiana to visit Paul’s relatives, Aunt Martha and Uncle Wes, and his childhood homes and schools (including Valparaiso Tech), topping it off with a couple days at Gettysburg.

Best Ski Trip: Peak ‘N Peak in New York with Karen and Mary for Mary’’s first ski experience.Photo Mar 10, 6 50 33 PM

Most Successful Operation: Right knee – again, but how do I know it was successful this time? I went skiing the other day and had NO pain during or after. Yeah! Peak ‘N Peak: here we come!

Best Night’s Sleep: I had about a dozen nights in October & November where I slept through the night. Unusual because I haven’t slept throught the night a dozen times my entire life!

Could it be a result of the ‘best exercise’…?

Best Exercise: yoga video given to me by my sister-in-law. Have done it regularly since August.

Best Professional Course: National Writing Project. Should be on every – EVERY – teacher’s to-do list.

Best Book Read: The Book Thief (huh, this is a repeat. Must be because now I’ve listened to the audio book twice and read it once. The audio book is the BEST!)

Best Children’s Picture Book: “Mitchell Goes Bowling” by Hallie Durand (even if it is ten pin and not candlepin bowling; this brought back the sounds and smells of our family-owned Lakeside Lanes)

My Best Old Friends: Trudy, Linda, Betty, Glenda, and Carolyn. Still.

Best Purchase: Insulated, room-darkening drapes for the bedroom. They really work! Can’t tell you the brand name as I purchased them from, but they are “Insulated Thermal Blackout Curtain Panel Pair”, item #11109715 (these are not the foam-backed drapes).

Best Photos: I actually took a sunrise photo every month as close to the 20th-21st as possible, considering the weather. I wanted a record of the sun’s annual trek across the sky. Maybe soon I’ll get them in one place to share! The best of these was on Easter morning! (See separate blog post!)

Quietest Holidays: Thanksgiving and Christmas. To those of you who look at the holidays as busy and hectic with tons of company to entertain, just remember: “This too shall pass.”


Comments on: "Bestest and Mostest of 2013" (2)

  1. JenniferStapleton said:

    I am a NWP Teacher! I joined NWP in 2007 with Three Bridges Writing Project from Marshall University.
    I love this post, particularly your photographing the sun’s course along the sky. Can’t wait to see all the pictures of it. How fascinating!
    Hope 2014 blesses you with hope and love!

  2. Happy 2014. Love your reflection on 2013. I created a community video for 2013. I’m glad you had a great experience with the NWP. The HVWP changed my personal and professional life 13 years ago. I love photo challenges too. Can’t wait to begin working on life in 2014. You too?

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