This, too, Shall Pass

Whenever I get bored with a routine and wonder if or when it will end or change, the next thing I know  it HAS changed and all of a sudden I’m looking back and wondering what happened.

I have two friends with whom I have done a number of different Bible study courses during the past 25 years.  Every time we’re doing a course I wonder if we’ll stop. It always seems to be going well, we’re really deepening our understanding of the Bible, Jesus, and ourselves. Next thing I know, we’re not doing it anymore.

Every night at bedtime my husband used to play cowboy songs every very loudly. I wondered if I’d ever get to sleep and I learned to sleep in spite of them. He no longer plays them but I cannot tell you when he stopped playing them. Now I actually miss them.

Linda and I enjoyed days of hiking and paddling, gardening and gabbing. I wondered how that could possibly ever change. This time I know what happened to break this routine. She died. Bummer (for me, for her, not so much, since she’s gone to heaven!).

Paul and I went to Lunt’s for a lobster roll for supper tonight. A gal about my age brought her elderly parents in and sat next to us. The gentleman reminded me so much of my father that I could hardly look at him. I wanted to tell the gal to enjoy this time with them no matter how cranky, slow or ill they were, because these times won’t last. I was so impatient with my parents at that stage, and I wanted to get past it. Now I am, and it’s painful to look back.

What’s the lesson? Give God thanks in ALL things. Live in the moment and cherish it, because this, too, shall pass.


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