A Winter Rainbow

Even though I look out at the same scenery every day, it never really looks the same. As the seasons and the weather change, an observant eye will notice new things. This morning after I took a few photos of the sunrise I lingered outside as the air was warm enough and I could detect the faint smell of spring.

After I came inside I opened the curtains to get the sun’s rays inside the house. I started my Tai Chi routine while looking out. I noticed something unusual. I often catch glimpses of odd or distorted reflections because of the angle of the panes of glass, so I paid little attention to this new sight on the frozen lake. “Must be just the angle of the reflection,” I thought, but it remained, even when I moved from one position to another, trying to get a closer look.

I went outside to see if the same affect could be observed, and there it was, a rainbow on top of the snow on the lake! I grabbed my camera again, hoping it would stay long enough to capture it. It did! I took several photos, even stepped out closer to the lake. Then, I looked to my left and saw another at another angle!

2013-03-24 06.27.48

It reminded me of the halo-like ring around the moon one sometimes sees. It also reminded me of the sun sparkles one sees in the summer, but those move as the observer moves. These did not, each rainbow color sparkled on the snow! I ran upstairs to see if they could be observed from our second-story bedroom, and yes! there they still were! I woke Paul, mostly just to have another witness of this unusual phenomenon.

These frozen lake reflections stayed for about half an hour. It was amazing, and another first looking out over the lake.


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