Linda M. Ilse

Here are a few of my favorite photos of my friend Linda. I chose these because you can see her enthusiasm for the Burlington Volunteer Fire Department of Burlington, Maine.
2013-02-04 04.58.56

Never heard of Burlington, Maine? Well, 11 years ago, neither had Linda. She lived in Texas, and in the 80’s studied wildlife at the University of Maine. She always wanted to return. She found out about a log home that came up for sale, bought it, and moved here permanently.
2013-02-02 16.33.02
She set about making friends, getting involved in community organizations, and embraced a lifestyle of wood stove heat and organic gardens.
2013-02-02 07.29.06
Linda was a unique person, to say the least. She touched many people both in Texas and in Maine. She made everyone feel important by taking time to listen to them, help them, give them rides, and many other acts of kindness that would make Jesus proud. Was she perfect? Depends on the lens through which you view the human race.
I had the privilege to count her among my friends, one that I shall miss beyond words.

Why do I refer to her in the past tense? Early this morning Linda let go of this life to join her Lord and Savior in heaven. I can hear Him now saying, “Well done, my faithful servant. Well done.”


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