Ski Squaw!

Moose Mountain in Greenville will always be ‘Squaw Mountain” to me (and I mean no disrespect to the Wabanaki people). My aunt Muriel took me with my cousin Glenn there many times as children, and it was very big-time to a small town skiier more familiar with Mt. Jefferson in Lee.

But last week I heard that there is a group trying to revitalize the ski area!/FriendsofSquaw, and I am hopeful it will have a successful turnaround. I wish I had a significant sum of money to invest. But the best investment I can give to them is my time by chosing to ski there.

I think one reason it slipped away during the last decade was the draw of the crowd to the ‘bigger’ mountains. When peope want bigger and better, Squaw became a meager, less stylish destination. Although I have enjoyed most of the skiing at Sugarloaf, I would prefer to ski Squaw.

How about YOU?


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