Tai Chi 73 to Relaxation

A new year = a new Tai Chi form to learn.

Forgot to include on my list of 2012 “Bestest and Mostest” list that I ‘completed’ the Tai Chi 73 Sun Style forms, which I’ve been working on for two years. It was long. It was difficult. It was worth it. I put ‘completed’ in quotes as I don’t believe one ever really ‘completes’ Tai Chi. There are always new things to learn, and deeper focus, deeper strength, and better balance (which I am in increasing need in recent years!).

The 73 forms contained many new moves:

White Crane Flashing Wings (easy)

Parting Wild Horse’s Mane (easy, my favorite!)

Fair Lady Working at the Shuttles (not so easy)

Lotus Kick (fun)

and many more…

When I started I felt overwhelmed, thinking I could never learn them let alone do them in the correct order, but knew that if I only tried ‘one step at a time’ I could eventually learn them all. So I gave myself patience. And time. I did not set two years as my goal. My goal was simply to learn each new step once I had successfully learned the previous ones, regardless of how long it took. I gave myself permission to enjoy the journey.

It worked.

Another benefit is that I felt like I was doing a good workout. There were a couple moves with which I needed to be careful as they involved extensive knee maneuvers, but I gave myself permission to adapt as necessary. I remember being taught that it is the intent that is most important, even if the form is not executed perfectly.

Today I began “Tai Chi for Relaxation.” The part of me that likes to get to the goal wanted to learn two new movements. The part of me that knows it is the journey that’s important gave myself permission to learn only one, and the determination to learn it well before moving on. After all, this form is about RELAXATION!

What will YOU do for relaxation in 2013?


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