Christmas at Cedar Lake

To celebrate Christmas with my ‘real’ friends, we continued our tradition of several years and went to Betty’s beautiful log home on Cedar Lake. Relaxing atmosphere, plenty of good food, and GREAT company, as always. And as always, the best ‘attitude adjustment’ session.

I’ve thought about this blog several time throughout the week, wondering when I would write again, and what I would write about. I suppose most people do that. I suppose it is more appropriate just to start writing instead of talking about writing! This is probably a normal process to get used to doing this. Maybe it will be easier when I focus on a topic. My topic could be: family, friends, religion, reading, health, happiness, or, ha ha, books or children, or adults, parents, life or death. Any of these would be SO overdone in their respective fields. How can I make my focus original? A combination of two or more above? What un-explored niche remains?

Ahhh – taking a line from “The Help,” the publisher told the wanna-be writer to write was important to HER. That line really has stuck with me. If I were to write a book, what would it be about? What is important to ME?

I participated in a Moodle with a select group of students on Friday. It was so neat to see their reaction when they figured out they could read what their classmates wrote. It will be interesting to see how it develops as we expand it to other classes and grades.




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